Shes far too cold to be an effective nurse and her by using manipulation would not be accepted in the current society.

Bo Goldman and Laurence Haubens screenplay is one of the few that, I think it is usually said, against which most people are measured. With great eloquence, insight, power and intelligence (and no cheese or sentimentality) they will collectively crafted a movie script that never waters down the ugly things that are mental illnesses, gives the viewer/reader an increased understanding of the effects (both negative plus positive) they have on individuals who suffer from them as well as what causes corruption, it celebrates the rebels of the world who fight the establishment for the greater good together with themselves, and perhaps most significantly it shows the mentally ill less not as complete caricatures (since often such depictions of the mentally ill are, it must be mentioned, accurate ones), but as people that can achieve anything (regardless of whether they need a very little guidance). Two other enormous shiny spots are Jack Nitzsches amazing score that is somehow mesmerizing in their musical simplicity (and yes it surely wouldve scooped this movies sixth Oscar had Jaws come out in any other season) and Haskell Wexlers attractively evocative cinematography. Countless similar films ahead of and since have explored rebellion against corrupt authority figures as well as the inner workings of the human mind why is us all tick, but One Flew In the Cuckoos Nest will forever function as cinematic depiction of life in a “loony bin” (because McMurphy puts it) to finish them all. After more than 30 years it remains a truly flawless, definitive, knockout masterpiece, and one of the five most deserving Best Picture Oscar winners of all. And is that the highest climax of a Very best Picture winner ever or is which the greatest climax of the Best Picture winner actually? One Flew Over the particular Cuckoos Nest (1975), based on the book by Ken Kesey along with directed by Milos Forman, centers around R. P McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) a prisoner serving time with the statutory rape of any 15 year old, among other things. In an attempt to escape from the work yards within the penitentiary, McMurphy fakes a mind illness, leading to him being admitted right into a mental hospital. There, he befriends many from the other patients in the particular ward and attempts to break them out of your strict and monotonous routine set by Head Registered nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher). OK, first of all, it has to be said, I had quite high expectations due to this movie. It came highly advise by both my moms and dads, is number 8 with IMDbs Top 250 checklist, and won the grand slam at the 1975 Oscars (Greatest Picture, Director, Actor and Actress). However, I was left extremely disappointed with this film. While the first 20 minutes seem promising, showcasing Nicholsons immense ability, the film drags for the next hour, trying to convince one to love McMurphy and loathe Nurse Ratchet, unsuccessfully, I will add. Which brings me for you to my first and largest problem using this film. On the back of my DVD case that states that “.Nurse Ratchet has become the coldly monstrous villains throughout film history”. Based upon that review, I expected numerous pointless, unethical punishments, and a complete insufficient care for her individuals. Well I did definitely not receive that, no instead we got a good, cold, woman that takes impose of her ward, filled with mentally unstable as well as perhaps dangerous people, with an iron fist, being nothing but an authentic reflection of the mental health system right at that moment. That being said, I am not inside anyway completely condoning the woman behavior. She is far too cold for being an effective nurse and her use of manipulation would not be accepted in this society. However to asses her being the one of most great, evil, heartless is completely along with utter over exaggeration along with unfortunately paints the film in a very State vs Rebel method. Which leads also to my other major problem with this film. McMurphy, is not likable. At least not if you ask me. He is an arrogant, self-centered rebel, who has made the actual rather laughable decision to obtain himself committed to this specific mental hospital as he or she is tired of the the penitentiary work yard. But no, we are supposed to be able to cheer him on in his attempts to free the ward of rules and boundaries, in other words, fight the system. Perhaps it was in to rebel up against the state in the 1970s? To me this film reeked with this ideology, spoiling much of the item. There are certainly benefits to One Flew Over. and Im able to understand on one level the reason why rated so highly by means of many critics and people. It is well led, the acting by both leads, regardless of my objection of using their characters, is extremely well done but I truly do not believe it for being Nicholsons best work, as many praise it to be. There are genuine funny moments to be enjoyed and a certain scene revolving around cigarettes will be the perfect example of acting at its best. The last 20 minutes can be very well executed in addition to left me somewhat vindicated.

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