What you must learn about High Sleeper Beds

The time came up when I had to order my boy a completely new bed as he was growing up and desired a more modern bed and I prepared myself for the stress it was going to provide. Although thankfully it turned out to be pretty straight forward and effortless on account of one thing.

It was subsequently because of 1 kind of bed style and the bed style was called High Sleepers.

My dilemma was basically his bed room is not the biggest and he really loves playing within his room, thus I needed a bed which would not use up any more room than a normal size single bed ; however, contain the amenities to offer him for when he matures and requires much more than only a bed.

This really is where high sleeper beds come into there own, the particular bed itself is positioned up high like a top bunk bed then underneath it you will have a complete hanging wardrobe one half along with a desk on the other. This helped me eliminate 2 birds with one stone as they say as I could then remove his old wardrobe which inturn gave him extra floor area to use, whilst introducing a desk to his bedroom so he can do his studying in tranquility all with out taking up any more space. Amazing!

This is just one of the styles I came across, there was around 10 or 40 different designs but I decided to go with this as it best matched our situation.

My first worry acquiring this sort of bed was actually building it. And if I am truthful, it had been a bit tough at the start however all in all it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Took about 30 – 40 min’s in total, which isn’t really far too bad in any way.

It’s ended up being a true eye opener for me personally to observe what lengths kid’s beds have come since I had been a kid. There is so much more out there than an ordinary single bed nowadays which is excellent. I remember when you could simply get a single bed and if it had an area to put things underneath it you’d be grateful, lol.

It appears the development of childrens beds nowadays has gone mad. You can get bunk beds which then can be split down into two single beds, ones that are fitted with a guest bed skillfully concealed away beneath it while others that are in the shape of kids most popular TV cartoon figures.

This really is awesome to see. A bed just for kids has not actually been simply a bed to them and now through the years the bed organizations have realized this and made beds that far more accommodate the requirements of a child in these modern days.

Ok so this brings me towards the end of my post, I really hope I’ve been able to help explain to you what innovative designs which we can now get for our kids bed room.

Hope everything goes well in your search and take care

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