Looking For Wide Variety of Special Dog Goodies

Paws Pet Store’s just launched online boutique has everything you will need for your own pets. We offer a great choice of vital accessories from collars to clothing and toys both for cats and dogs. Since of the various items obtainable in our boutique, each day can be a new and enjoyable experience for you along with your pets.

For dog owners, you might have loads of choices to choose from in terms of buying your four-legged. We offer up twenty-six a variety of dog-themed items. You will be sure to locate something in our boutique for your puppies or dogs to enable them to maintain a positive attitude for hours on end. Different categories include beds, toys, cheap dog clothes, cheap puppy costumes, jewelry, bowls, blankets and harness for small dog.


In regards to clothing for your puppies, you can expect anything from hooded sweatshirts and Hawaiian shirts to dresses, vests and bomber jackets. We supply of the most current styles and colors to fit your dog’s particular individuality and attitude.


Are you joining a pet costume party? Paws Pet Store has you covered. We use a wide variety of canine costumes suitable for you to look through and purchase for your pet. You’ll be able to dress up your pet as anything! From a princess or a witch to a superhero or cartoon character, we now have an abundance of choices to help your pet be noticeable among the crowd or be the belle of the ball.

Grooming Supplies

You can expect a full line-up of grooming supplies on our web based boutique. All of our grooming supplies for both dogs and cats are 100% safe and effective.

For canines, we have now multiple lines of shampoos and conditioners and spa gift packs for you to pamper your pooch. Beyond the basics, we likewise offer up unique goods such as aromatherapy and herbal elixirs for your dog’s health and well-being.

Offer your pets a life complete with fun, excitement and style with accessories and items from Paws Pet Store. Look at our web store today!

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