Rado R-One watches

Have you seen the watch model of the R-One collection of Rado? These are handsome and exquisite timepieces which are great for investing in. If there is one watch brand that makes good looking watches, that is Rado. One of the first watch brands to use ceramic as the unique material in their watches, the ceramic watches of Rado are legendary and few watch brands can make ceramic watches look as good as Rado does.

There is a new R-one watch in the Rado brand which has a silver metallic hue with icy blue detailing. There is a black background to the watch which is very stylish. The watch has a timer plate with three rounds and has a dial alarm which is of planet shape. All such features add to the futuristic design of the watch. The original watch comes in a limited edition series of only three hundred models. Hence, you can keep an eye out for the Rado replica watches which will have the same features as the original. The R-One watches are also known to come with an intelligent timer function. The watches also have unusual shapes and curves on them. The sapphire crystal is curved and the shell is a complex construction. Are you intrigued? I think I have given enough hints for one to want to see the watch in full detail. There are many review sites which will provide more information of the latest R-One watch from Rado. And once you have taken in the watch piece in all its splendor, you can decide whether you want to purchase it or not. If you consider it to be an excellent gift item but cannot afford the prices of the original, then opt for the same amongst the Rado replica watches. These will surely provide all the fine details of the original sans the heavy price tag.


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