The Significance of Taking RSA Course

The Responsible Service of Alcohol course, or in short RSA, is a certificate course that you have to take if you like to work in the hospitality industry. Whether you are seeking work to earn extra cash or like to improve your career in hospitality, you have to take an RSA course to be eligible for work.

The work part is probably the most important reason why people in the hospitality (and liquor) industry take RSA. In Australia, everyone who serves and sells alcohol is needed to take the RSA course. Without the certificate, which you will get after course completion, you will not be eligible for work.

If you are working without an RSA certificate you will be penalized with $5000 once you are caught without the certificate. The RSA course is recommended to individuals who work as bar attendants, liquor outlet retailer, cellar hand, room service staff, sommeliers, and bus persons. It’s not only the employees of hospitality establishments that must have RSA certificate, employers and proprietors are also needed to have the certificate. Apart from the penalty that will be given there is also a probability that the establishment will be closed if there is no certificate.

The RSA certificate is acceptable everywhere in Australia and through this you can work or set up business serving liquor anywhere in the country. The RSA course talks about the laws concerning alcohol consumption, how to serve alcohol and the obligation that comes with it and the different practices and managing persistent patrons.

A good understanding of alcoholic beverages (ingredients, strength and percentage of alcohol) is also one of the results of the course. This enables you to assist customers in selecting the kind of alcohol to consume and to make the very hard decision of refusing an order.

When you take the course you will learn to assess customers who have gone over their alcohol limit. Consuming beyond one’s threshold can lead to accidents and unwanted scenes in an establishment and may bring destruction to the place and risk the lives of people. This is why it’s a truly big responsibility serving alcohol.

The RSA course may be taken online. The time and day you like to take the course is completely up to you. The course takes only three hours to complete, yet you can pause the course and resume anytime you want and pick off in which you left. There is no deadlines to completion, which is ideal for everybody specifically for those who don’t have plenty of time on their hands.

Apart from the ease that it gives you when taken online, is the price. The RSA course certification and training just cost less than a hundred dollars. There are also organizations that don’t require you to pay before you take the course and you can only pay when you carried out the training.

Apply for an RSA course now and experience the benefits of becoming certified.

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