Is It Worth The Time And Effort To Market On Twitter?

Years ago, there was a great promotion for Twitter marketing tools. It was believed that you could use Twitter as an effective way to build a list of prospective purchasers for your products or services. Nonetheless, how much of a bang for your buck do you get from any of these software tools that were pushed at us to improve our profits? We shall now discuss Twitter marketing and whether or not it is worth your time and expense as part of your IM tactic.

Like many of you, when all the tools came out to help folks build a huge Twitter following that you could promote to, I decided to look into it. Not only did I pay to sign up for programs that would get me followers but I invested in a few softwares to help promote the products I was selling. Altogether, I ended up buying about eight different programs that would aid me with all of this.

One of these tools was an automatic ‘people follower’ on Twitter with the aim that some of those people would follow me in return. If a person was not following me, I had another program that would automatically remove them from my to-follow list. This would let me follow various people once again to get them to follow me. Along with some other software that are not actually worth mentioning, I invested in a program that would automatically take my blog posts and automatically Tweet them as soon as they were published on my blog. Initially, I was really happy with the end results after using the programs in combination because they really delivered on what they promised. However, my happiness was quickly crushed when I realized that I wasn’t making any money. My tactic was to post many blog entries each day and each of them was then sent straight to show on Twitter. Aiming to increase the number of daily posts, I found a way to automatically post any number of entries to my blog and hopefully obtain more followers on Twitter.

The results of my attempts are as follows: In three years, I was able to have a Twitter following of moreo r less ten thousand users. You might be really delighted to gain that number of followers, but there’s more to come. Also in the past three years I have had more than fifteen thousand of my blog posts that were advertising affiliate products posted to my Twitter account. My blog posts appearing on Twitter was the only form of advertising for that blog I did and to test the effectiveness of Twitter I did not even ping new posts as they were published. Just how ‘good’ it was quickly became obvious: after 3 years just two affiliate sales made me $46.74 plus another $9.10 for Adsense. With only 2 – 4 visits daily originating from Twitter, maybe this is not surprising.

Despite me making use of programs to make the job simpler and achieving approximately 10,000 followers on Twitter, I still could not turn a decent profit using Twitter marketing for my blog. At the end of the day I’m now out of cash for the Twitter programs I invested in because my dollar return was so dismal. Finally, I cannot personally recommend using automatic software tools as an effective means of advertising on Twitter.

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