Configuring a single pc to use the Sage 50 Accounts records data upon the network.

Firstly, install Sage 50 Accounts on your unique pc accepting all of the defaults which the system might ask you throughout the process. Accept the system files destination and additionally the information data destination web directories as the default locations on your nearby hard disk. Don’t worry, we are going to change the location of the data later.
As soon as you ve created a default Sage 50 Accounts installation, you’ll have to launch the system. This definitely will start a wizard that definitely will guide you through creating a brand new organization. Once more, don’t be worried and just accept all of the default settings. Enter whatever you like within the organization name and address fields. The only thing you’ll must know here is the size and structure of the VAT code. Simply utilize your own company s personal VAT wide variety here should you decide re uncertain. Don’t be concerned – it will did not get utilized in actual existence. Furthermore, you’ll must choose a thirty days since the begin of the financial year . Just choose just about any month because it certainly obtained t matter. When you ve completed the wizard, Sage 50 Accounts will load. The login will default to ‘manager’ without password. Log in as manager.
Next, you have to ensure that the program has all of the latest updates. You really need to note which just about any machine that has an unique variation of software definitely will automatically upgrade the information. So, should you decide quickly introduce this PC through a newer adaptation of software to the different PCs regarding the system then it will upgrade the information and basically no other computer is able to utilize it. To avoid this embarrassing circumstances, make certain all pc PCs are utilising the latest version of Sage 50 Accounts. To do this, ensure everyone logs away of Sage. Back-up your Sage data and go to every PC and additionally log in as administrator. Launch Sage 50 Accounts as well as mouse click HELP and also CHECK FOR UPDATES. Install as well as install just about any upgrades which Sage has available. When you ve setup the update, weight Sage 50 Accounts again and additionally check to get more upgrades. Repeat the procedure till there are really no more upgrades available. You must now do this in the unique workstation to ensure it has reached the exact same system version degree because the sleep of the system. The first PC to log in to the real time data will automatically upgrade the data to the unique adaptation.
When you have all of the upgrades setup, plan a network drive to the place of the data on the network ensuring you use precisely the same drive an as well as location path which the other PCs utilize. Now go to some sort of existing workstation PC and also search for a file also known as ORGANIZATION in the local hard disk Sage data folder. The file has little expansion however you can open it since simply text alongside Notepad. If you do this, you’ll see that it contains a location route to the Sage data. Copy this file and last it into the hard drive of the new PC overwriting the existing one which was created earlier as soon as you made the default company.
Now, as soon as you launch Sage 50 Accounts found on the unique PC there are it definitely will connect to the system data because expected. Usernames and passwords definitely will act since normal and the computer definitely will completely disregard the default information in the local hard disk. Check to make certain every one of the printers are installed since necessary and additionally you should be good to go.

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