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Fitted wardrobe doors are great for making an upmarket, bespoke look and feel within any bedroom space. Like anything, however, the look and feel of the season alters across the months and years that follow. When trends change or when wardrobe doors become damaged on free-standing wardrobes, it is simple enough to throw your outdated wardrobe away and replace with 1 that is more in keep with the season’s present designs and trends.

Fitted wardrobe doors are significantly more permanent, however, so throwing the whole piece away just isn’t always feasible. When trends change or when wardrobe doors turn out to be damaged, the answer is in truth a great deal more straightforward; simply alter the wardrobe doors.

Replacement wardrobe doors are readily available in a variety of styles and colours; coordinating perfectly with your bedroom style. The doors of a wardrobe allow you to give a touch of individuality and personalisation. There are lots of fantastic selections to choose from which includes mirrored doors, raised panel doors, latticed doors or hand carved wardrobe doors. With many options available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns it’s truly simple to personalise your door to fit your room. But what door’s best for the bedroom?

Mirrored wardrobe doors serve a double function; practicality on the one hand and aesthetics on the other. On the practical side, mirrored wardrobe doors act as a dressing mirror for trialling outfits in the morning. Aesthetically, mirrored doors add an additional dimension to the space; helping to inject light and space even in the tiniest of rooms. If you are seeking to open up your bedroom and most importantly inject light and energy, then installing mirrored doors will enable you to do just that.

Raised panel wardrobe doors give a touch of elegance, tradition and class to a space. If you’re looking for a classic, colonial white panel appearance and feel, then a raised panel door will be the correct option for the bedroom space. Raised panel doors need not appear uninspiring and old fashioned; paint, patterns, textures and elaborate trims may be added to personalize the panelling and provide your space with something truly distinctive.

For the more modern apartment, flat panel doors offer rooms with subtle, clean lines that draw attention to the character of the wood. Glossy lacquer or luxurious satin can offer a style that is sophisticated and aesthetically spectacular. This may help create a great background within a space of contemporary style.

Lastly, latticed wooden doors are wonderful for incorporating the natural, outdoors world into your home. If you are looking for your room to harmonise with the outdoors, lattice wooden doors will let you do just that.

With a selection of sizes, designs, colors and textures, fitted wardrobe doors will permit you to personalize your bedroom by developing a bespoke background that ties in with the nature and decor of one’s bedroom space. When designs change, and they inevitably will, it is possible to merely substitute your wardrobe doors – keeping the main structure – whilst achieving an entire new appearance and feel. From modern, silk and satin through to colonial white panels and lattice wooden doors, there’s a wardrobe door for every home and room.

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