Just how to produce a specialized powerpoint presentation making use of ms powerpoint software..

Microsoft PowerPoint is content presentation software developed by Microsoft. Its current version is Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, which is compatible with the current windows operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows Vista. PowerPoint 2011 is the version released for MAC operating systems.

PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft office suite of products which also includes Word, Excel and Access. Microsoft has been successfully selling this as a suite for the last 15 years with great success. The word PowerPoint was actually coined in the year 1987 when Microsoft took over the company Forethought. While it was with Forethought, the software was called Presenter. Microsoft PowerPoint has become the chosen presentation platform for most companies that are running the Windows operating system. It has totally replaced prior presentation methods including overhead projection using film slides.

PowerPoint has a number of features to present visuals aids. Images and Video clippings can be embedded on slides. The movement from one slide to another can be made more interesting by using the animation options provided by PowerPoint. Within a slide, the various elements such as the text, images and animations can be made to appear in a particular sequence and certain transition elements can also be introduced between the appearances of the various objects within the slide.

Though many new features have been added to the PowerPoint software, the basic templates containing the slides and the associated in-built slide patterns had remained the same since it was introduced by Microsoft in 1997. The number of patterns available in the slide templates though has increased to a great extent, thereby giving the customers a wide variety of slide design patterns.

Though PowerPoint has become the medium of presenting information in formal meetings, there are still some people who continue to use overhead projectors. These people actually feel that the PowerPoint software dilutes the importance of the message that is being communicated. They feel that this software can provide information at a very broad level and is difficult to use to present specific details. Hence they have decided to stick to the older method of making film slide presentation and manual drawings on white boards. But those who want to quickly transfer the message in an efficient manner; they continue to use power point software. These power point slides can ultimately be saved as ppt. files and can be distributed easily over the web.

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