A maintained apartment is more cost-effective compared to staying in a comparably similar star class hotel room, so is this the sensible option for your corperate stay?

Corporate clients are increasingly opting for serviced apartments, when needing to provide accommodation for their executives, expatriates and visiting consultants. These serve as excellent temporary accommodation when people are on business trips. Serviced apartments cut down the cost drastically and offer the executives more conveniences, facilities, privacy and an environment suitable for their work than a big hotel would. Serviced apartments are now gaining popularity among leisure travelers too, especially when they travel with the family or as a group. Visitors to London can have best accommodation at least cost when they choose to stay in Serviced apartments London. Though the cost is the main factor that makes serviced apartments more attractive than hotel rooms, there are many other benefits and advantages in staying in an apartment.

It is common knowledge that staying at a serviced apartment is cheaper than staying in a comparably similar star class hotel room. However, most people may not realize how much money can be saved through this choice. A two bed roomed apartment with two bathrooms, lounge, dining and fully equipped kitchen, in a central location can cost around US$200 per night while staying in a comparable hotel will cost more than US$ 1200 for four persons. Savings that can be made while enjoying the meals of your choice, getting your clothes washed and pressed etc., makes staying in Serviced apartments London, the number one option for any traveller.

Some people get scared when they hear the word “saving”, because savings may mean cutting down on comforts and essentials. In the contrary, staying in an apartment will provide added benefits that a hotel room cannot offer. The second most important plus point appreciated by most is the wider option for meals. Going out and eating at a restaurant of your choice, bringing in a prepared meal from a take-away outlet or preparing a meal or a snack by yourself are for you to decide. You can have a better control on your life even when you are on travel. This feeling may be what many guests who stay in Serviced apartments London appreciate the most, while they are travelling on work assignments.

Spaciousness is another key point that a traveler staying in an apartment enjoys a lot. Staying in an apartment with spacious bedrooms, living areas for you and your family or the group can never be matched by the cramp rooms and common areas in a hotel. Even during a vacation or a business trip, a person will more at peace, staying at an apartment than a busy hotel. That is the reason more and more people are opting for serviced apartments as their first choice of stay when they are on travel.

When in London, any traveler will be amazed at the choices of accommodation available. But among all the available accommodation options Serviced apartments London is the cheapest and best for any business traveler or a family on vacation. Renting an apartment is easy and safe with a reputed and well experienced company as Clarendon. This is a company that has been in the apartment-renting business for nearly a decade and has a high reputation. Tens of Thousands of satisfied customers will vouch for and recommend Clarendons service. Clarendon has a large number of conveniently located plush and luxury apartments in its portfolio. Booking through them will save money while getting you the best of properties to choose from.

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