Why a serviced appartment can provide you with comforts and conveniences which cant be offered by a hotel.

Canary Warf is one of the busiest business districts in London. It is home for head quarters of many transnational companies, multi nationals and national conglomerates. As thousands of business travelers come to Canary Warf on their business purposes, prices of hotel rooms in this region have climbed steeply in the recent years. In comparison, staying in a serviced apartment is much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Experienced business travelers prefer staying in apartments not only because they are cheaper, but they offer much more convenience than a hotel room can. Consider staying in serviced apartments Canary Wharf, next time you visit London, especially if you have your business in Canary Warf or in a neighbouring area like the City.

The popularity of serviced apartments is due to the comforts and conveniences provided by serviced apartments that are not available in hotels. Most apartments available for rent in Canary Warf have one or two bed rooms and are fully furnished. The rooms are spacious and additional living space let the visitor feel at home unlike in a four walled hotel room where they get living-in-a-box feeling. Every apartment is provided with a neat kitchen fully fitted with modern equipment and appliances including dishwasher, microwave and other standard appliances. Guests can make their own meals, prepare their tea or coffee or simply order a take away meal and enjoy while relaxing in front of the TV. This feature makes serviced apartments Canary Wharf a home-away-from-home which is very important for travellers who are on long stays.
An apartment provides a good working atmosphere for business persons. This helps when you have to prepare for a meeting, an interview or a negotiation next morning. Most serviced apartments come with phone lines with low cost calls and high speed internet access. The guests can work without being disturbed unlike in a hotel room where they may get continuously disturbed by the sounds and noises of other guests going out and coming in through the common corridors at all odd hours. In serviced apartments Canary Wharf a visitor can relax on a comfortable sofa after a hard days work watching a favourite TV programme or a video, or listening to music of their choice as home entertainment like DVD, Hi-fi and TV are standard in the living room.
When temporary accommodation is considered, hotel rooms were the standard for a long time. But todays trend is to rent an apartment that gives much value for less money. There are some who believe that hotels offer lot of facilities that are not provided in a serviced apartment. Those who still doubt can check out the facilities that are included in the price of an apartment. The facilities usually available in serviced apartments are:
? Video entry phone
? Lift access
? Dishwasher
? Washer/dryer
? Free view digital TV
? WiFi
? iPod docking station
? Phone line with low cost calls
? High speed internet access
? Fully equipped kitchen
? Concierge
? Washer/dryer
? Swimming pool
? Fully equipped gym
? housekeeping service
When travellers compare the price that has to be paid for a hotel room that gives similar facilities, their vote often goes out to serviced apartments than to hotels.
Ideal accommodation for business persons on short visits to London or for those who come to London for short work assignments is Serviced apartments Canary Wharf. Even for those who are from other areas in UK and working in Canary Warf area or in the City of London, the decision to rent a serviced apartment can certainly be beneficial. Though there are many agents and brokers who arrange for renting apartments it is always safe to get an apartment from a company with experience and good reputation. Clarendon is one of the top names in London apartment renting industry and has been in the service of managing and renting apartments for over a decade. Book a short let or a long term rental through Clarendon and your stay in London will be a fantastic one.

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