Are you going to London with the family? Perhaps you have considered hiring a serviced appartment?

Visiting London with a family brings in the problem of finding suitable place to stay. If the stay is for a day or two, staying in a hotel will not cause much trouble. But staying in a hotel longer, for a week or two for instance can cause many problems. Besides staying in a hotel with your kids can cost a huge amount of money in hotel fees as well as other expenses that add up the total cost. Staying in serviced apartments is gaining popularity among people mainly due to the savings they can make and the many conveniences offered by Serviced apartments London.

Unquestionably, staying in serviced apartments is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, especially for those travelling as a family. Apartments do not specify the number of people to occupy the place, but a hotel room has such restrictions. Above all the comfort, convenience and the undisturbed peace that can be enjoyed in an apartment cannot be provided by a hotel. Children find it more difficult than adults, in adjusting to a different atmosphere. Checking into a hotel means a big change for children who are not much used to traveling. They will not enjoy the large and crowded restaurants or having to dress up to go for meals at a fixed time. Most kids will be happy to have what they are familiar with at home. In Serviced apartments London, a mother can easily prepare foods that the children wish for, as the kitchens in all the serviced apartments are well-equipped with all modern facilities.

There are many people who hate extended travel plans because they cannot cope up with the boxed-in feeling they get in a hotel room. However, staying in a serviced apartment offers you living space other than the bed room, unlike in a hotel room. Serviced apartments London provides living, dining and kitchen space in addition to bedrooms and bathrooms. Very high quality furniture and fixtures are offered as standard amenities in a serviced apartment. The apartments come with all modern amenities and equipment required for daily living. Needless to say, television, DVD, CD, dishwasher, washer/dryer, bed linen, toiletries, towels etc. are provided to the gusts who book a serviced apartment. Watching a movie or listening to a piece of music you love, sitting comfortably in the living room, just like you do at home, is only possible if you have an apartment to stay, and not cramped up hotel room.

As most of the serviced apartments on rent are conveniently located in close proximity to central train, tube and bus stops, guests staying at these apartments have to walk less and spend less on cabs. Shopping malls, supermarkets and convenience stores are not too far away. Most serviced apartment buildings have conveniences such as daily linen service, swimming pools, fitness centres, maid service etc. and guests do not miss any of the services available in a hotel. Serviced apartments have much more than a hotel at a much cheaper rate.

When looking for accommodation for your next trip to London, contacting a reputed company like Clarendon will be a wise choice as you will be able to book a classy apartment at an unbelievably low price. Select a spacious, beautiful, luxury apartment in a safe locality, convenient for your purposes in London from the large number of quality Serviced apartments London in Clarendons portfolio. As a company owning and operating a large number of top end apartment premises, they are able to offer the best rates. Those booking with Clarendon will enjoy excellent locations, competitive rates and professional and friendly service. All these coming together will make your stay in London extremely cost effective and enjoyably comfortable.

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