EPXBody – Providing Positive Impact Through MLM

Having a vision of helping people understand that their past should not be their future, EPXBody is definitely an MLM company founded by Dan Putnam in Utah on March 2012. Its goal is to provide positive impact to the members by offering the very best nutritional products and diet information, in addition to marketing tools and professional training to help them build a successful home-based business.

The newly built MLM company has an natural weight loss pill – the EPXBody Burn. Manufactured to enhance your appetite and restrain your metabolism, the supplement may be the company’s flag-ship product. EPXBody also is honored for having the 90 day weight loss challenge – the EPXBody Challenge where you can win around $500.00 if you manage to get rid of 50 lbs. and much more.

If you are fitness instructor a member, you can buy an auto-ship product package starting at $39.95 and gain access on EPXBody’s lucrative compensation plan – in the 50% commission in your sponsored downline’s product purchase, to customer and matching bonuses, towards the 4?5 hybrid matrix. Additionally, you may also obtain a guaranteed salary of $1,000.00 per month whenever you personally enrol 5 distributors in your first 30 days and manage to maintain a minimum of 2 active distributors out of them for six months.

EPXBody is clearly an encouraging MLM company, with its excellent products and profitable comp plan. What’s more, the company encourages using online marketing to create leads. You are able to share your EPXBody experience and refer others to become listed on the business simply by giving out your unique site URL. Once they join and start purchasing products, EPXBody will track their orders to your bank account so you can earn your commission.

But a problem may arise if you’re not using online marketing as the marketing method. Since the MLM clients are built around the internet, it will likely be a little hard for you to succeed if you are only counting on traditional way to advertise your EPXBody. Traditional marketing might give your instant results but not over time. Since you are limiting you to ultimately what you can physically reach, you may wind up not having enough leads. Consequently, you might concentrate on the wrong leads and harass your personal network simply to make a sale.

The problem with traditional MLM is it doesn’t teach the current tactics in targeting the right customers, generating the best leads, and converting them into sales. Also, it’s difficult to brand yourself as a leader when you do not have a proper venue to exhibit your talent and share your expertise.

The solution for this is to obviously switch to online marketing to understand the current and much more effective strategies in doing your EPXBody business. Why? The reason being the internet is filled with information that can easily aid you to create maximum results. It offers new and dynamic methods for marketing – SEO, blogging, social media, and much more. And in contrast to in traditional MLM where you stand only presented with a restricted market, internet marketing easily gives you use of a limitless audience which you’ll easily target.

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