Why not contemplate a shorter term let with regard to your stay in London as a prefereable and cost efficient alternative to using a hotel.

London is a busy metropolis. It is full of diversity where cultures and people are concerned. London is a beautiful blend of the old and the new. The theatre, sight-seeing, restaurants, hotels and shopping are out of this world. It is also the most visited city in the world with 30 million international visitors in the past year. These visits could be for a short-term stay or a long-term stay. Either way, tourists and businesspersons alike, are benefited by staying in serviced apartments instead of in hotels, motels and other means of accommodation. This is because they are affordable, luxurious and comfortable. There are many more reasons why tourists and businesspersons prefer to rent serviced apartments London instead of hotels.
Reasons to Rent a Serviced Apartment in London
1. Living in London is not cheap. Housing itself costs a significant amount of money. However, staying in a serviced apartment in London is more cost effective than staying in a hotel. More than 30% of the cost of a hotel can be saved by staying in a serviced apartment when in London.
2. Space is very limited in London. The same is applicable when staying in hotels. Serviced apartments provide you the luxury of space which helps you to live, work and relax in the same manner when you are at home.
3. Privacy is something that you cannot obtain for any amount of money when staying in a hotel. Wherever you go you have to pass other guests, hotel staff etc. When you rent a serviced apartment, you are guaranteed privacy.
4. Serviced apartments London give you the freedom to eat in or out what you wish and not be confined to a few choices in a menu. You are free to dine out, order take-out or fix your own meals.
5. All serviced apartments are facilitated by maid services. This means a weekly maid service facility can be expected during the week to ensure your apartment is well maintained.
Selecting the Most Suitable Apartment
The selection of the most suitable apartment is a difficult choice for most first time renters. However, if they keep in mind the budget, the requirements and the period they will be able to select the most suitable apartment. For example, if you are on a middle-income budget you will require a serviced apartment in London that fits the budget. Similarly, if you are a businessperson and planning to entertain your clients you require a serviced apartment that enables you entertain without any problem. Another consideration when selecting serviced apartments London is the location of the apartment. Making sure that the apartment is within easy distance from your place of work is vital. In addition, if you are moving in with family, considering apartments close to schools, medical facilities, supermarkets and shopping is essential.

Making reservations for a serviced apartment in London is easy. There are many reputed online agents who will do the needful in ensuring you a perfect place to live during your stay in London. If you select a reputed and well established apartment managing firm as Clarondon.uk., you can be guaranteed to have a wide choice of fantastic serviced apartments. You can choose the most luxurious of properties or something that is value for money, depending on your accommodation needs. With Clarondon apartments, your can be assured that your stay in London will be comfortable and homely as you desire.

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