What are the benefits of installing a stair lift? Will it improve my saftey?

There are a lot of people who have difficulty climbing the stairs. This is often due to illnesses like arthritis, which can leave you unsteady on the stairs and make bending the knees painful. Finding a way to allow full access to a home is very important and since a fall on the stairs has such a high rate of injury, it is important to take precautions if using the stairs is difficult. One way that people make using the stairs safer is to use a stair lift in the home.

Stair lifts are designed to move a person safely between floors. They carry an individual at a slow and steady rate in a chair or standing on a small platform that is called a perch. The perch lifts are only recommended for use in cases of medical necessity, due to the fact that you must have a good sense of balance to use this type of standing stair lift.

The seated stair lift is far more common and safer than its standing cousin. These use a chair that often has a seat belt, with optional chest restraints. The chair is controlled by a constant pressure switch that, depending on the model, is built into the armrest or is an attached hand control. The constant pressure switch means that the lift will only move while pressure is being applied to the button. As soon as pressure is removed, the lift stops moving, which greatly helps to increase safety.

Another safety feature that is built into quality stair lifts is a footrest sensor. This detects objects that might be on the stairs and stops the lift if it detects something. While it is still very important to not leave items on the stairs, it will act as an extra way to ensure a safe environment is present on the staircase.

Most stair lifts are attached to the stairs themselves. An aluminum metal track is used, which is strong, but also lightweight. The chair or perch moves up and down the track, with up to one individual on it. If space is limited or if the staircase is curved, the track will sometimes be attached to the wall instead.

The installation of a stair lift is something that can and often is done by the homeowner. Several available dumbwaiters are designed in a manner that allows the homeowner to do the installation, without having to pay an installation team. The great thing about these do-it-yourself stair lift kits is that even if you do decide to pay to have it installed, the installation is still much less than other lifts. Many of the companies that sell lifts that require professional installation charge exurbanite rates to complete the installation.

Even though many feel comfortable doing a self-installation, take a look at the instructions before you order. Most sites have them readily available via download. If you dont think you will be comfortable doing it on your own, go ahead and set up the installation while you are ordering, so you can quickly and easily have your safety lift installed.

Sean Noughtly is very familiar with lifting aids for the home and business. A stairlift is a device that can greatly improve the safety in your home and help prevent falls. Preventing falls is always a better option then waiting till they happen and dealing with them, which is why these lifting aids are found in homes across the country.

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