Guttate Psoriasis Treatment- What Causes Guttate Psoriasis?

Bacteria do not cause psoriasis. No virus or fungus causes it. It is not a communicable disease. There is nothing but your body that decides if you will be afflicted with psoriasis or not. A gene is responsible for psoriasis. Those who have that gene may come down with psoriasis if it is activated.

Guttate Psoriasis – common triggers

The customary causes of psoriasis are sunburn, stress, skin injury, a few medications, infections, smoking, drinking, and change in weather. Any of these can activate psoriasis in a person who has the imperfect gene. The gene makes skin behave abnormally. Again it is not necessarily so that each time the triggers will work. Every now and then they don’t while sometimes a modest trigger flares up psoriasis. Talking about the gene, not all brothers and sisters get guttate psoriasis. It can be handed down many times. As we concluded, for getting psoriasis you require an imperfect gene and a trigger. Many normal people who show no symptoms of psoriasis sometimes get a little injury and the skin does not recover. After a few days, the doctors find out that the individual has psoriasis, which is not letting the skin to heal. The strange appearance of skin at a few places on the body is accountable for psoriasis. Skin misbehaves at the demand of a gene. Let us examine how skin responds differently in psoriasis.

Guttate Psoriasis – skin action in psoriasis

In our skin the bottom layer produces new cells. These new cells take up to a month to migrate to the top and the dead cells from the top are jettisoned. We can say that the skin replenishes itself every month. What skin cells you possess today are not those you were born with. Old cells drop off and new cells are produced. That way our whole body revitalizes itself. In guttate psoriasis skin, the pace at which skin brings up the new cells and sheds the old increases many times over. The cells are shed every third or fourth day instead of a month. This creates the red patches, flakes and itching. The skin misbehaves at the directive of a gene.
Every treatment aims towards providing relief to itching, removing the flakes and impeding the process of skin cells coming up.

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