A Classico U-Boat Watch in Diamonds

A U-Boat watch in diamond? Well, ladies, there is nothing to get excited about because the watch remains to be seen whether it would actually flatter the wrists of ladies. U-Boat is known for their masculine, oversized watches and the designs of the timepieces are nothing short of powerful and overpowering designs. The U-Boat watches have oversized crowns or lugs which are a prominent part of the watch designs as well as have large and prominent dials which work well on land as well as under water. The Classico series has some interesting variants amongst it and there is the 40SS diamond watch which is a stunner for sure.

This watch is a new addition for 2012 which does not mean that it is not already available amongst the replica watches. The watch may be dubbed a diamond watch but the precious stones make their presence felt in unique ways on the watch – from the connecting areas of the case and the strap to the 12, 8 and 4 hour markers on the watch dial. Intrigued? You can definitely check out the watch specimen amongst the replica stores. While the original runs in millions of dollars, one will surely find an impeccable replica for five hundred dollars.

The watch has a shiny stainless steel case and the distinguishing crown is on the left side of the watch. The lugs of the watch are set with as many as 20 white diamonds in full cut on either sides of the watch case. The dial consists of a superimposed structure and the black dial makes a stunning structure with the 48 diamonds which are on hour indices as specified earlier. All in all, this is a unique watch to invest in and one would do well to look up the same amongst the replica watches in the several reliable online stores which exist these days.


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