Kindle Fire Review

The foremost and most important thing that should be said about the Kindle Fire is that this is not an “iPad-killer.” It is not intended to be. I have seen so many blogs and comments comparing this to the iPad, and surveys where people are asked if they will be purchasing a Kindle Fire over an iPad. If you are considering an iPad, or even a tablet, you will be disappointed. The primary purpose of this device is to transfer Amazon content to you more effectively. It is created for consumption, not creation. That is the reason it is so cheap and why Amazon is taking a loss on it. They are hoping to make up for that loss through sales of videos, music, books, and apps through Amazon’s Web Services. You can also use it to display your own movies and media, but will find that it is more constrained in that way than a regular tablet. Personally, as someone who has requested numerous rentals from Amazon Video, and had to get ahold of customer support for every single one of them because of problems with Amazon’s Unbox player or purchases not turning up in my downloads, I can really appreciate this. But if you don’t plan on using Amazon at all to get your media, you may want to take this into consideration prior to buying the Fire. Also, the reason this product is so acclaimed, and one of the reasons I enjoy it so much, is due to the ridiculously low price. Amazon reviews shouldn’t center on price, but it is tough not to with this gadget. On value alone, this is a five star device. Nevertheless, when examining the Fire overall, and when compared with other touch applications (what little there is to compare it to), I have to give it four stars, since there are a few areas I feel could use definite improvement.

Bottom line, you will not find a cheaper gadget out there for streaming music, video, and books than the Kindle Fire. The reason that this device is so amazing is not for what it can accomplish, but for what it can accomplish at such a cheap price. The price tag, not the technology, is the story here. If you can delay a year or more for Amazon to work out the kinks with the Fire you should absolutely do that. The next version should repair a lot of the problems that keep the current Fire from being a “Five Star” product. It is just not “perfect” enough for me to pronounce it is a five star product without taking value into consideration. Therefore, I would have no difficulty recommending the Fire to consumers who can take advantage of it. This product more than lives up to what it is designed to do. I think you will really find this is a pretty incredible device for the money.

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