Gucci serves up Coupe collection for its fans

We are always in the search for something new and when it comes to watches, we are no different. Not only do we seek the latest of our favorite brands in the market but we are on the lookout for different brands as well. When we talk of replica watches from Gucci, you might raise your eyebrows but if you take a look at the collection of watches that the brand has, you may reconsider. It is fashionable for every brand to dabble in all forms of fashion accessories, from watches to shoes no matter what the forte of the brand was originally. Hence, it should surprise no one when we talk of the watches from the Gucci stable.

There is a particular Coupe collection of watches which I singled out mainly for the unique looks and features that they flaunt. Check out the large version of the coupe collection watch in stainless steel. The watches have rectangular cases with rounded edges. The 40 by 40 mm dimensions of the watch make them unisexual – equally wearable by men and women. The watch comes fitted with a leather strap which has an unusual design on it – perforations on one side and designs on the other. The dial has a blue diamond pattern and there is a date window at the twelve o’ clock position.

The watch is fitted with the quartz movement which makes it easy to be replicated amongst the replica watches. The seconds counter is present on the dial and there is water resistance property as well. All in all, the coupe large version watch is a great watch to invest in for your daughter or your son. Definitely young in its design, the watches mostly cater to the next gen though there are some conservative watch collections as well.


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