Replica iPhone: Get all the features and looks of a real iPhone, in a package that costs 10 times less than an iPhone

In the recent times, replica iPhone is becoming a rage amongst the smart phone enthusiast. However, there are still people out there who’re coming at term with these iPhone replica. These replicas are good enough to give the Apple a run for their money. These replica iPhones flawlessly imitate the original product. They have the features as well as the look of the original iPhone. This way they are becoming a major product in today’s economically market.

These iPhone replicas are generally produced in the China, but many companies are themselves coming with these replicas having a screen size as big as an iPhone and with some features which are even better than an iPhone’s features. These iPhone lookalikes have the GPS facility and data transfer features, which is at times even faster than iPhone. These phones are equally stylish and have a wide touchscreen display.

One of the ultimate replica iPhone is Deeda Pi. The phone has 95% imitation of the original product. This phone uses a much similar menu organization, and there’s also an analogous dock on the screen’s bottom. Another phone in this range is CiPhone-i88i, it is a Chinese product that is an exact replica of the original iPhone and has mostly all the features.

Other famous replica iPhone models are IPhon, ILeaf, Tphone, minion, iPhone Nano, CECT P168 etc. these are all Chinese replicas of the iPhone and are known as the true imitators of the iPhone. One of these products is C-002, which is the exact replica of an iPhone and also has a good market value. iPhone Nano too looks and works like an iPhone but it’s size is similar to iPod nano.

Most of iPhone replicas have the common basic features similar to an original piece. They have five separate keys for various functions, speakers to give surround sound, 1.3 MP camera, dual sim etc. However, unlike the branded original product these replicas don’t cost a fortune. In addition, you can easily use them while fooling others into thinking that you’re using an original iPhone. Thus, you can create an impression on the people around you.


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