How to become rich on Neopets

Neopia is an interactive and very fun online planet of the lovely Neopets. The desired variety of currency in the world of Neopia is Neopoints which can be used by players to purchase upgrades or different items for their Neopets. So as to become rich in Neopia, you’ll need to accomplish different quests so as to gain more Neopoints. However, there are numerous other means of earning Neopian money, so read this article if you are interested in becoming rich in the virtual world.
Play games
Playing games with Neopets is the very best way of getting more Neopoints because you will have a lot of fun in the process. You can play games like Dubloon Disaster, Meerca Chase, Petpet Rescue, Ultimate Bullseye, Hannah And The Pirate Caves and Faerie Bubbles. All those games are easy and fun, yet one more reason for playing is simply because they will award you with generous quantities of Neopian cash. Playing different games is probably among the most rapidly strategies to become rich in Neopia, yet you need to still be cautious not to spend your entire days playing since that can get addictive. There are a few sponsored games you can play so as to gain more cash. Those games involve adverts but that’s exactly the reason why you can get more Neopoints playing sponsored games instead of games created by the team of Neopets. If you play a number of sponsored games a day, you’ll enhance your virtual fortune in a very short time.
The Freebies page
You can pick up free Neopoints per month by visiting the Freebies page on the official Neopets web-site. Once you have had your Neopets account for more than 30 days, you’ll have the ability to start getting free Neopoints for a small amount each month. You don’t need to do anything more than visiting the Freebies section of the internet site and pick-up your 2,000 Neopoints once a month. Each of your Neopets will be awarded with an item like an extra bonus. If you are a dedicated user of Neopets and play routinely, you must setup your own shop in Neopia and generate more money. You can take care of your business by buying inexpensive items and foods to combine and resell to gain profit, just like in real-life business. You can buy Hot Cakes and Spicy Wings for nearly 40 Neopoints, mix them in your cooking pot and resell your recipe for ninety Neopoints. Running your own store in Neopia could be quite rewarding eventually.
Neglecting your pets and purchasing Neopoints
If you neglect your pets for 24 hours, you’ll be awarded with free Neopoints. If you can handle not logging in at all for a day, you will get the free Neopoints the next day when you log in. That won’t damage your Neopets permanently, so you don’t have to stress about that. After all – they are not real pets so you can leave them alone for a day. If you are anxious to get many cash in Neopia, you can pick to buy neopoints that are available on some internet sites. Nonetheless, you should know that if you accumulate too much cash too soon , the team of Neopets could examine your account activity, so you need to try to generate your finances in Neopets pretty. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the game if you have any questions. Have some fun playing!

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