Just how to overcome the downfalls associated with ms powerpoint and make the most of your presentation..

Where to start! Around 10yrs ago, the advent of Powerpoint technology was the ‘wow’ factor in presentations. Short-lived! It didn’t take long before it became the ‘yawn’ factor – “Not another powerpoint presentation!”

Why did this happen? One of the main reasons that has emerged from recent studies (carried out by Interactive Options), is that over 70% of audiences said that far too many slides are used, there is too much text on the slides and that too many presenters stand there, reading their slides. Boring! The focus is on cramming as much information in, as possible in the time allowed. No wonder people ‘switch-off’. Only 10% of audiences said they have seen an excellent powerpoint presentation.

Research that was recently carried out at the University of NSW, showed that the human brain processes and retains more information, if it is digested in either its verbal or written form, but not at the same time. It is very difficult to process information if it is constantly coming at you in the written & spoken form at the same time, as happens in so many powerpoint presentations.

Many powerpoint presentations have little ‘power’ and often lose the ‘point’. Presentations are much more than just churning out a lot of information. So, what’s the answer, if you don’t want your next presentation to be ‘death by powerpoint”?

Firstly, your slides cannot replace YOU as the presenter. Fear of public speaking is often recognised as the No. 1 fear and for that reason, many presenters have made their slides the focus to take the attention off themselves. Eye contact and that vital connection with the audience is lost, when the presenter is constantly turning to the screen to read the slides. HOW you deliver the content is very important.

Instead of racing through 60 slides or more, in 30mins, the maximum should be 10 slides, with less text & use pics or diagrams wherever possible.

In my 10yrs experience of running numerous Presentation Skills training sessions for business clients, I have witnessed time & time again, that once they develop the confidence to interact with their listeners, enhance their delivery skills, reduce & create more interesting slides and utelize a variety of visual aids where appropriate, they take their powerpoint presentations to a whole new level.

Then powerpoint becomes a great asset to your presentations as you now DO have the ‘power’ to get your ‘point’ across.

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