How To Naturally Whiten Teeth And Professional Teeth Whitening

Unlike temporary teeth which are bright, very white and very clean looking, the permanent teeth that follow once the deciduous teeth are lost are normally less porous. Because of this, permanent teeth grow in varying shades from white to off-white and sometimes to yellowish. It could become darker as the person gets older, which is completely normal.

Although the darkening of the teeth as it ages is primarily due to the changes in the teeth’s mineral framework, the enamel at the same time gets less porous and less gleaming making it more susceptible to stains from bacterial stain, medication, tobacco, wine, coffee, tea and food. No matter how good the hygiene of a person is, the teeth simply ages. Rightly or wrongly, white brilliant teeth are attributed to health, youth, good grooming and being clean.

In an age where getting the best foot forward is never possible without having a gleaming smile, whitening the teeth no matter the age and no matter the lifestyle, completes the projection that a person wants to convey across. Good thing that there are many ways to do this fast, effective and not costly. This could be done with professional help although for the most part, a DIY – at home whitening gives great results as well. The most common methods are using bleaching pens, bleaching strips, gels and natural bleaching, most of which could be purchased from the local pharmacy and dental supply stores.

There are however some risks involved when doing teeth whitening at home as some teeth could be sensitive than others and gums could also be irritated that could cause degrees of discomfort. When whitening the teeth at home, it will always be urged to use those that have a lower concentration of whitening agents. Granted this method is much less effective and takes a while longer, it is also the most safe. When using hydrogen peroxide for example, the concentration of the mix that is recommended located on the back of the bottle should be adhered strictly if not less than what is recommended just to try it out. While studies have shown (Kugel et al) that the effect of peroxides at decreasing the tooth enamel is minimal, it nonetheless tends to make the teeth more sensitive for some time and when the proportion of the mix is on the stronger side, the mix could result to painful gums and cause irritation to the surrounding tissues inside the mouth.

Some stains nevertheless are harder to remove and may take longer treatment for the whitening agent to make it to the dentine layer. For stubborn stains and uncomfortably dark shades in the teeth, self help may no longer be adequate. Treatments could be done by a professional who could use custom bleaching trays, laser treatment, and in cases where discoloration is ugly, porcelain veneers could be applied including dental bonding.

Although teeth whitening are only cosmetic, the reward it gives a person in terms of confidence and a general feeling good grooming and of well-being is immense.

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