Storing Your Coffee Really should you freeze your coffee?

There are several different recommended techniques to retailer coffee in order to maintain freshness. One particular of the recommended strategies is to put your ground coffee or coffee beans in the freezer. Is storing coffee in the freezer a very good way to maintain freshness? Lets look at the pros and cons.

Freezing has been utilised for centuries as a way to extend the life of numerous foods. A diverse choice of foods can be frozen. Bread, meat, fruits, vegetables and even butter can be successfully stored in your freezer. Freezing even maintains several of the vitamins and nutritional value of a wide assortment of foods. Coffee, even so, isnt as most likely a candidate for storage in the freezer.

Coffee has four major enemies against freshness: air, heat, light and moisture. At initial, freezing doesnt appear to contain numerous of the offending enemies. Nevertheless, appearances can be deceiving.

Coffee beans have been roasted in order to improve flavor. The beans are also porous. Regrettably a freezer can include numerous other foods which have odors. The porous beans can absorb the flavors of numerous other frozen foods. Flavored coffees can be pleasant, but no a single desires to drink seafood or garlic flavored coffee.

Moisture can also be absorbed by the coffee beans. Moisture can result in deterioration and loss of flavor. The more frequently you take coffee out of the freezer and place it back in, the more moisture absorption requires location into the bean. If you completely need to have to freeze some coffee because you have a large excess youd like to keep, only freeze it once. The far more you take it in and out of the freezer, the a lot more harm you do.

Freezing also breaks down the oils in the beans. The oils contribute to the flavor of the coffee. Breaking down the oils indicates taking away flavor, and lets face it, a huge portion of a very good cup of coffee is the flavor.

When it comes down to it, freezing is not the best way to store your coffee. Hold coffee stored in a cool, dry, airtight container away from light. Freezing coffee is feasible, and is greatest if you only freeze it when. The resulting loss of flavor and high quality from repetitive freezing tends to make it a strategy of storage to remain away from. Your finest bet is to acquire only enough beans or ground coffee to supply you for 1-two weeks. Enjoy the coffee at its freshest!

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