Private Facts About People Born Gay Made Accessible

Perhaps it’s me, but most of gays and lesbians that i speak to always mention a sensation of feeling “different”. Typically the time in which this is most noticeable for them is in their senior school years, when all teenagers might like to do is easily fit in. Some will marry a part of the opposite sex and also have children, thereby continuing to live the American dream. Nevertheless , for some people, they find that they’re struggling to have a sexual relationship with a member of the contrary sex. Quite simply put, it isn’t for them. Of course, if this bothers you, the higher question is, why?

T. V. shows such as “Will and Grace” and BravoTV’s “Work Out” has thrown the notion of homosexuality back in the general public limelight. Perhaps this is sign that Americans are becoming more willing and open to the theory that many people are homosexuals. Have a lesson from history: same-sex relationships have occurred because the beginning of time. Human nature dictates our need to feel accepted; the integrity and dignity of the person are aspects of ourselves that people protect by hiding perceived social abnormalities. Just like Jackie and her mom squabble over this issue in “Work Out”, we find ourselves debating the same question: are people born gay?

History proves that the things that we fear are those that we hardly understand. It’s logical to say which our understanding of homosexuality has been hindered because of our inability to see after dark anxiety about the not known. After all, these homosexuals are so different from us, or at least, we think so. Despite the fact that they may wish to sleep with yet another member of their sex, their desires and fears are still ours: family, health, and happiness.

Therefore thank you “Will and Grace” and “Work Out” for showing us that you aren’t so different from us. If we are truly who we say we are, and thus we are compassionate and understanding people, we will have that you have the same goals in life even as we do. You want to be happy and healthy, in the same way we do. Just like us, some want children, and some do not. I suspect that you will find the same fears that people do: a anxiety about failure and the not known. So please, show patience with many of us: it could take us a while to comprehend.

Are people born gay? Is being gay an option? Maybe for some people it is, but also for the majority the solution has to be no . If you listen carefully to any homosexual referring to their past and their feelings, it will become obvious for your requirements that it, simply, is not an option.

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