Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

The patent pending Leaf ™ indoor television antenna is a paper thin antenna that connects to your TELEVISION and mounts on the wall, behind a photo, or nearly anywhere to allow you to obtain free over-the-air programs.

The Leaf ™ is unlike any other television antenna on the market place and provides unrivaled performance, installment possibilities and value.

Design: Because most television antennas on the market place today usually tend to be an “eye-sore”, design aesthetics were a main driver in the design of the Leaf Antenna ™. The antenna is black on one side and white on the additional supplying a range of installment possibilities.

Performance: A unusual quantity of research and engineering work went into the design of the Leaf ™ TELEVISION antenna. It wasn’t till one of our engineers determined to transform from cable to over-the-air broadcasting that we recognized that there were no high performance antennas on the market place. The Leaf Antenna ™ was made by knowledgeable antenna engineers who have actually been making antennas for the US military for years (see our sister company GreenWave Scientific).

Many significantly, we are proud to state that our antennas are made and manufactured in the USA!

Item Dimensions: 9 in x 11.5 in x 0.04 in cord length: 6 ft. connector: 75 ohm F connector pattern: omnidirectional reception, no adjustments required \* Continental UNITED STATE only. Standard USPS shipping prices apply to Canada.

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