3 Well-known Painters At All Time

Our art history has been pretty colourful. We have had artists that are so gifted and have shared to the whole world their extraordinary masterpieces that have motivated and inspired, not only just their period but up until now. Right here are my 3 very best artists and their short biography.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Renaissance

It is with out discussion that the number one spot belongs to the excellent Leonardo Da Vinci. Usually called him as the father of Renaissance, or a master of perspective, the affect of Leonardo Da Vinci at this time extends far over and above the realm of creative endeavor.

Some of his popular artworks are Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and The Baptism of Christ.

Vincent Van Gogh, Impressionist

The paintings of Vincent Van Gogh may be the most simply regarded and remembered of everyone. He typically paints everyday objects, such as sunflowers and an empty chair, but he has a way of conveying his extreme feelings.

Van Gogh was born the son of a pastor and spent his childhood in a cultured and religious surroundings. He first worked in a bookstore and selling art previous to becoming a preacher just like his father. In 1880, he turned to the study of artwork with the dedication to be a famed artist someday.

Van Gogh suffered serious bouts of depression and there was even a time that he tried to assault his closest companion and peer, Gauguin, with a razor. The attack was thankfully unsuccessfully but Van Gogh ended up cutting off a part of his own ear. Van Gogh’s melancholy intensified and he was admitted to an asylum.

In 1890, 2 months soon after his release from the asylum Vincent Van Gogh killed himself. Some of his famous paintings are Starry Night, Sunflowers, Cafe Terrace and so much more.

Salvador Dali, Surrealism

The paintings of Salvador Dali depict bizarre characters like burning giraffes and seemingly melted wax watches. The artist described his unique works as ‘hand-painted dream photographs’. Dali is well recognized for his quite a few abilities apart from jewelry pattern, book illustration, painting as well as theatre work.

Dali’s most well-known work is the Persistence of Memory, painted in oil on canvas in 1931. As with his other surrealist works, there is a typical image that is in some way irrational, such as the watches that seem soft and fluid in this painting. Dali said that the idea for this painting came while he was thinking about Camembert cheese one evening right after dinner – such a good way to be inspired with an artwork.

There are so much more equally well-known and gifted than the above three artists, but this is just my view. And we are unable to deny that the budding new artist in our generation are also not far behind in terms of talent and creativity.

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