Graphic Design – an INVESTMENT in your business

Your design is your brand. From your logo to your website, these images speak to who your company is. They give a professional image to your business, so it’s important they reflect the message you want to relate.

If you’re serious about your business, you should be serious about its design. Even if the cost is a bit of a chunk out of your businesses budget, go for it! It’s an investment into the future of your company, and one that you will never regret.

Investment into the design and marketing of your business will ensure clarity in your offering, competitiveness, reaching the customers you want, building the personality you want and many other factors.

I’ve worked with many clients small and large over the past 6 years and moved around in local business circles and am still amazed about the mysticism that still surrounds design and marketing for business, in particular the view that design and marketing is an optional expense, rather than an essential part of the business. SO it is my endeavour continually to inform and propogate the good news…”good design IS good business”

Iftkhar Rashid is a Freelance Graphic and Web Design Consultant based in Birmingham, UK.

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