THe most important things to know when it comes to buying a used piano..

With so many different brands of piano out these days it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell which ones are the real deal, the salesmen dont help things along either. It is blatantly obvious they are just interested in pushing the instrument which is giving them the most commission, which rather defeats the purpose of having them there in the first place. This article is designed to provide a brief overview of everything you need to know about purchasing a baby grand piano, in particular, I will attempt to bring to your attention some of the more overlooked aspects of this decision.

First and foremost you need to come to some decision about in which room this piano is going to be located, an upright piano can be hard enough to fit in a room, but if youre buying a baby grand you may be in for some headaches. Its quite funny that some people put a lot of thought into the space their piano will occupy, but dont even consider how they are going to get it in the house in the first place. Even David Copperfield would have trouble moving a piano which is twice the size of his door, remember a baby piano cant be taken apart either.

Although you should always purchase a piano for its sound quality, you should at least consider how its going to blend in with the rest of the room. Ideally youd want to buy a baby grand which complements the existing furniture, therefore the finish does play some part in the decision making process.

One final thing to bear in mind is how much money youve got to spend, if youre strapped for cash a Yamaha piano maybe ideal, retailing at about 2,500 a Yamaha Clavinova might be just the thing for you. On the other hand, the more serious musicians may be willing to spend a small fortune on their instrument, a Steinway grand piano can start off at around 20 grand, and thats a cheap one!

Thats my cents; remember its always cheaper to buy a piano online than from your local store, in many cases you can get up to 30% off retail! If youre really strapped for cash you can get some really great quality used piano on eBay, who knows, you may find a real bargain.

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