From the spa, helicopter hiking drive to the coast, there are a variety of luxury tour

If you prefer to try adventure project, then by helicopter to the mountain hiking to times. These traveling full magnificent pastoral, and at the same time without the tourists do like backpackers as adequate tedious preparations in advance. Hiking offers visitors a quick-depth remote wilderness areas of opportunities for adventure, do not spend a lot of walking to be able to reach these amazing beautiful area by helicopter. Peak Pacific the helicopter travel company (Pacific Crest Heli-Guides) to people of all ages to build hiking and camping options in accordance with the different physical conditions in Lake Tahoe (Tahoe area). Visitors can also carry out personal travel, usually 4-5 people in a group, each group with a tour guide, the tour guide is responsible for preparing all food. If you want to plan a trip to the winter, and then try again belong to your private heli-skiing trip.

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