Clear Navigation in Web Design

Have you ever landed on a website and wondered, “What do I do? “. Amazingly, it seems some websites like to present you with a challenge with regards to navigation. With that in mind, here are some web design tips for making sure your site is accessible to as many people as you possibly can.

The most important thing?
Aside from a proactive approach and an easily noticeable contact number or method of contacting the people behind the web site, is there anything more important than good routing? What is the point of your website if not to look welcoming and accessible? Make sure your most important pages are prominently displayed in the visitor’s line of sight.

Don’t hide the important bits
If your company produces videos, and this is it’s main service, hiding your “Video Production” page through layers of routing is counter-productive. It is vital that you simply plan what it is the website is for, and then making sure that the most important parts are easily accessible.

Always have a route home
Don’t assume that once someone leaves the house page they aren’t likely to want to return. Navigating a website really should not be like working your way through a maze: there should be a clear way home – several if possible. Why not have “Home” in your main navigation, but also make your logo a link back to the webpage? What harm can it do?

Don’t neglect the footer
If your front web page is long enough to require individuals to scroll down to read all of the information (and this applies to most sites on the web) then it may be beneficial to list your pages within the footer. That way, when visitors have read through your sales pitch on the front page and are ready to explore your site additional, they don’t have to hunt out the next step.

Mmm… breadcrumbs
If your site consists of a great number of pages – say you have an online shop along with many departments – then breadcrumb navigation is important. Say a visitor looks under Products – Footwear – Ladies Shoes – Wedges, but then wishes to look under “Sandals”, wouldn’t it be easier to allow them to simply click “Ladies Shoes” in the breadcrumb trail, rather than have to return to the Products page and begin again?

When it comes to web design, your visitor is key. You are not designing the website for yourself, you are designing it to provide your potential customers a great experience, to build a feeling of trust and to allow them to have an enjoyable experience. Clear navigation is essential to achieving these goals.

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