The ‘I Love WTF’ Craze – What is going on?

This trend of young adults, taking photos of themselves, with a fan-sign writing ‘I Love WTF’, has left many pondering what is WTF exactly.

The abbreviation of WTF, has been widely used with a connotation of vulgarity, however, in this case, it is used for the online fashion blog, (WTF), that is growing increasingly popular worldwide.

The ‘I love WTF’ is simply taking the blogosphere by storm, worldwide, from America, to Europe, to Romania, to Asia, and of course, Singapore where the blog originates from.

Over the past one year, since the creation of the online fashion blog, by Herbert Sim also known as Herbert Rafael, a Singaporean fashion enthusiast, the website has quickly transformed into a lifestyle online magazine raking over 30,000 views daily, ranking among the top websites in the world by

WTF has over 90,000 facebook fans and over 200,000 Twitter followers, @WTFSG, as of date, and still growing.

Many fashion giants and retailers are looking towards Herbert’s fashion blog, WTF as their top option to invest their marketing dollars, to capture the target audience of mainly 18 to 34 years old female audience.

WardrobeTrendsFashion has won a few prestigious blog awards, and sponsorship deals so far, and being featured on other serious fashion publications. Herbert can be found on his Twitter, @h0tfudg3.

Escajeda Suel has been writing content articles on Fashion Blog since 2001.

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