Top the News Launches New Independent News Website

Independent news reporting website celebrated its initial launch into the world of independent news websites. TopTheNews is designed to bring the top news stories from across the nation that many people may miss. Political news is especially covered, with a focus on both Democratic and Republican updates.

TopTheNews brings to light the independence possible by ignoring social media hype and trends. TopTheNews leads with, “Please don’t find us on Facebook.” This approach proves the point of TopTheNews to provide the top independent news without the pressures that keeping a social media front.

TopTheNews further proves its independence and dedication to factual and widespread stories by launching its site without advertiser support. “We don’t have to build a reputation that an advertising base dictates. We can maintain a constant message to our readers, that they will get the full story, without the necessary precautions that a syndicated or ad supported site would have forced”, said a spokesperson for the website.

Readers who wish to check out information on the election process, polls, or politics in general, keep in mind that TopTheNews has equal reporting for both Democratic and republican stories. The election coverage in both the preelection and election time reporting will be a constant focus. For followers of political news, TopTheNews is a great source of current, unbiased stories.

About TopTheNews
TopTheNews covers headlines from both national and global news sources. Unlike other websites, TopTheNews delivers stories that are completely independent and allows readers to decide what the top story is. Additionally, visitors to the site are able to comment on stories without requiring signup or registration. Visitors can express their comments or replies to the news stories and posts while remaining anonymous.

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