Blackhawk Tactical Gear

Blackhawk Tactical Gear is deemed to be one of the finest military and duty gear income can acquire. Blackhawk holsters are not quite or appealing to the eye, instead they are performance driven and prepared for battle. The merchandise produced by Blackhawk are tested completely and driven to maximize punishment. Every item exudes how a lot abuse a Blackhawk item can actually take. With Blackhawks no questions asked warranty…

Blackhawk Tactical Gear the Selection for Correct Pros

Blackhawk Tactical Gear is thought to be to be 1 of the finest military and duty gear funds can buy. Blackhawk holsters are not fairly or appealing to the eye, rather they are efficiency driven and ready for battle. The products made by Blackhawk are tested thoroughly and driven to maximize punishment. Each item exudes how significantly abuse a Blackhawk product can in fact take. With Blackhawks no questions asked warranty you can guarantee that this holster will withstand any punishment you can give it.

Take for example the Blackhawk CQC Serpa holsters. The injection molded Carbon Fiber Composite holsters gives minimal weight and bulk but supplies an excellent retention system. This distinctive retention system locks in the weapon exactly where it makes it possible for only the wearer of the holster to simply draw the weapon. The patented SERPA lock engages the trigger guard and locks it in until you are ready to draw the weapon. When ready to draw the weapon the index finger is all you want to disengage the lock and easily draw the weapon from its holstered state. The distinct advantage over thumb break is the capacity to draw and holster the weapon accurately each and each and every time. This is not the case with thumb breaks which require higher accuracy due to the unpredictable locking mechanism. The CQC Serpa method comes with adjustable tension and a patented retention program which eliminates the want for a thumb break.

Blackhawk also makes the very same style holster in a lower retention level called the Carbon Fiber Composite Holster which offers the same low profile appear and feel with the Serpa locking technology. Both the CQC Serpa and the Carbon Fiber Composite holsters comes normal with the Multi Fit Loop Belt method which accommodates a range of belt widths. Also included as common accessories are the straightforward-on paddle which attaches securely to the inside lip of the pants. Only Blackhawk CQC holsters come normal with belt and paddle possibilities.

CQC Carbon Fiber is not just a simple molded plastic, instead Blackhawk development has designed a polymer composite that is lightweight, form fitting, and almost indestructible. These identical materials can be found in US Air Force Aircrafts and other aerospace components. Also these supplies are identified in race automobile bodies, and cutting edge medical instruments. These low profile holsters supply a sleek appear that offer you the apex of concealment. With no a doubt the Blackhawk CQC holster will offer you the ultimate concealment and a lot more importantly an exceptional retention for your safety.

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