Best And Worst Features Of The Sony Vaio EC Notebook

The Vaio EC Notebook is really an outstanding addition to Sony’s line of quality computers and, with its user-friendly pricing, they are not within the reach of many more consumers. This series of notebook computers features a full-sized keyboard and monitor. It also gives you a good array of software programs, including Windows 7 Home Premium, as well as several very useful ports. To help you decide if the Sony Vaio Notebook is what you are looking for, we will detail some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning one.

Well before the advent of personal computers, Sony was a leader in the electronics field. From televisions, to shelf stereo systems, to professional quality stereo headphones, they have always been innovators in the electronics field. People looking for a well designed notebook computer by a reputable company were pleased when Sony unveiled their Vaio EC line. EC means economy class and these notebooks were priced much lower than the older Sony PCs. You can now take advantage of the affordable pricing of these Sony avant-garde computers – you can find them for under $800 – and own your very own Sony Notebook to put in place of a desktop computer. It’s pretty obvious if you check around that there are notebook computers on the market that are even lower priced than the Vaio EC notebook. But, if you take a closer look, you will find that they won’t give you the attributes you may want, such as the ability to watch your favorite movie at your computer, play your games, or open all your programs at the same time. You will really appreciate the Blu-ray Player that’s built in to the Vaio EC, especially if you have a collection of BDs with all of your favorite movies. Not only Blu-ray discs, but also CDs and DVDs are also playable on the Sony Vaio EC. No matter what your multi-media pleasure, it’s taken care of. It won’t always be important to have a computer that can play or burn all the many types of disc available today. The tendency is for more things to be available as digital downloads, not physical discs. However, with all the discs out and about in these different formats, it’s a good idea to have a computer that can play them. This big screen notebook with the “bright” display will make viewing your favorite videos or movies a genuine pleasure.

The Vaio EC Notebook does have many good features, however the speakers that Sony decided to put into this particular laptop computer are not that good. If you like to watch movies and play games on your computer, and expect clarity and loud sound, you’re probably going to be let down. Despite having this weakness in hardware, most people use headphones when listening to music or playing their favorite movies at night. Laptop sound systems are not a component that most of us worry about, so this drawback really isn’t that bad. The Vaio EC Notebook therefore only has a fair to standard audio system which is something to consider if you do like turning the volume up at home.

All in all, the price is right for this full-featured, affordable Sony Vaio EC notebook computer. The value and the performance are both present. The Vaio EC Notebook computer wasn’t really designed as a notebook you can take to class or Starbucks. The best-case scenario for its use is to take the place of, or complement, your conventional desktop system. The appearance of the Vaio EC Notebook is rather plain and understated, but it has a clean and functional design. You should check one out locally to see if this suits you or not. If you want a reliable and versatile notebook with a large display, the Sony Vaio EC Notebook would be a good choice.

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