Childhood Obesity – The Stage is Set for Life-Threatening Conditions as an Adult

Time is an integral element to the nature of most weight-related health conditions. What we mean is it takes a good deal of time for the serious symptoms to begin surfacing. Of course, particularly in the case of childhood obesity, early years of the condition can set things in motion for problems later on. Even so, children will tend to have fewer medical problems due to obesity because they are young. Still though, this particular condition really does feed into problems and complications that will show up later in life. Liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain kinds of cancer, diabetes and stroke are all serious possibilities.

It doesn’t matter how old a person is, it is likely that if they are obese they will probably suffer from high blood pressure and hypertension. While there are some severe medical conditions won’t be seen in childhood obesity sufferers while there are some others are a lot more likely to show up. High blood pressure is one of them, and it is commonly diagnosed in younger people who are significantly overweight or obese. Not only is there physical stress put on the body from the extra weight; there is intense psychological stress as well. Obese kids are regularly abused both physically and verbally by their classmates. So all of that adds up to a chronically stressful situation which, in turn, causes high blood pressure to occur. There are also gender specific problems in terms of obesity in young girls who have started going through puberty. For example, obese girls and women often experience menstrual irregularities. This is a problem because the body has lots of interference in its normal hormone production. This then leads to a variety of issues with the menstrual cycle. Obesity makes women predisposed to these conditions. Sterility is another common result for some women, particularly if hormonal interference is strong. After that you have to wonder what other female bodily processes are going to be impacted when there is this severe level of hormonal disruption. Your body needs hormone production to be predictable and healthy so that your metabolism can also function healthfully and within a normal manner.

Teenagers have a faster rate of personality development and socialization than kids of other ages. The development of the teen’s body image is also at a critical point. These parts of human development are particularly difficult for obese teens. This causes a developmental disadvantage when the teenager leaves high school. It will be harder for most of them to compete and succeed by normally accepted standards.

It is vital, if you suffer from obesity, to talk to an adult who is qualified to help you work through your weight problem. You need to be informed about what makes your condition happened. Thankfully, there is something real that you can do about it; after all, you’re never too late to try to get back to good health.

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