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Consent from the governed is on the core of today’s democratic globe. In the Bangsamoro fronts’ presentation with their case, the Bangsamoro persons, self-respecting sovereign states within their own right, as embodied within the two sultanates regarding Sulu and Maguindanao, became part with the Philippines without their consent through several political events beginning the Treaty regarding Paris in December 1898 to the American victory within the Filipino-American and Moro-American battles, to the formulation on the Commonwealth constitution which in turn affirmed the legitimacy from the Treaty of Paris, and to the creation of the Republic of the Philippines. The Bangsamoro battle for self-determination is usually aimed precisely at asserting this fundamental right. The Framework Arrangement, a product of mutual consent, may be viewed as the embodiment of the assertion. The YES vote in the 2001 plebiscite represents this democratic consent? But what in regards to the Islamic faith, another fundamental item in the definition of your Bangsamoro identity, the self throughout self-determination? Let us look at some relevant data in the six municipalities.

Aleosan has a complete of 19 barangays, six of they are majority Muslim. The Muslims are 25. 54 percent from the total municipal human population. The YES won in only three of the Muslim-dominated barangays.

Carmen has 30 barangays, twelve of these include majority Muslim. The Muslim human population is 34. 17 percent in the total population. The YES vote won in barely two barangays.

Kabacan has twenty four barangays, eleven of these include majority Muslim. The Muslim human population is 41. 38 percent on the population. Only three barangays voted INDEED in 2001.

Midsayap has 57 barangays, sixteen of which can be Muslim-dominated. The Muslims amount to 29. 62 percent of the total population. Twelve barangays voted YES in 2001.

Pigkawayan has 40 barangays, thirteen of that are Muslim-dominated. The Muslims comprise 26. 91 percent with the total population. Eight said OF COURSE in 2001.

Pikit has forty five barangays, thirty-two of these are generally majority Muslim. The total Muslim people is 75. 28 percent. Only eleven voted INDEED in 2001.

In sum, these six municipalities includes a total of 208 barangays. Ninety of these are generally Muslim-dominated. Only 39 barangays, or slightly over one-third, voted YES with 2001.

Do we think about as settled the challenge of territory inside these six areas? Yes, it seems paid out, for the time. Not, if we go onto the last item where it says regional political units may well initiate a proceed to be within the Bangsamoro. But we can easily postpone discussion with this for a later on time.

Does this satisfy the constitutional meaning associated with “geographical areas” from the 1987 Constitution? Article X, Sec. 15 on the actual 1987 Constitution says: “There shall end up being created autonomous locations in Muslim Mindanao and inside the Cordilleras consisting associated with provinces, cities, municipalities, and geographical regions sharing common as well as distinctive historical in addition to cultural heritage, economic and cultural structures, and other relevant characteristics inside framework of this Constitution and also the national sovereignty and also territorial integrity with the Republic of the actual Philippines” (underscoring furnished). The answer is usually yes.
This decision to be able to zero in around the barangays that said YES within the 2001 plebiscite is obviously a political bargain – because you will discover 90 other Muslim-majority barangays and 13 more together with Muslim population ranging from 40 to 50 pct, “sharing common and distinctive historical as well as cultural heritage. “.

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