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It appears like they are much more concerned about becoming “real” then they are about promoting reco…

If you listen to today’s music on the radio, you will hear a wide range of songs and beats. You even today hear individuals singing more than hip hop beats, and men and women rapping more than r&b beats! The two genres are blending a lot in today’s music. One of the mistakes that numerous underground rap artists make is, they are so concerned about getting what they call “true” as in being gangsta or difficult.

It seems like they are a lot more concerned about being “genuine” then they are about promoting records and making money. So they use only beats that are challenging and “gangsta” sounding. They talk about shooting and killing more than these tough rap beats. It is ok for them to do this if this is what they want, but each and every song on the album cannot be that way if they want to be an effective multi-platinum selling artist. If you want to get your music on the radio, and on BET or MTV, you have to have at least a handful of singles, that are more commercial.

A lot of artists don’t do this, and they miss out on an entire whole industry of achievable buyers! The objective is to capture the attention of these men and women via mass media such as the radio and television, so that they will acquire the album. As soon as they acquire the album, they will then have access to the rest of your diverse styles.

Maintain This in Thoughts:

Individuals in the streets will burn your CD! Listeners from the Radio and T.V. will buy your CD!

Which a single do you think will get you to Platinum Status Faster?

My artists are going to sell 200,000+ CD’s this year! How about you?

So the point is, if your aim is to capture as numerous sells as you can, then you have to make music that everyone can listen to. You cannot make music only for the streets. You have to make it for the streets, the club, the radio/tv, and for the auto. That way, you can obtain sells and funds from all of these diverse markets, as an alternative of just from the streets. Today’s hit music has 1 issue in common: No matter how stupid it may sound, it is catchy. Do not believe me? Listen to Laffy Taffy! It might get horrible ratings from a lot of Hip-Hop Heads, but the girls really like it, and it sticks with you. Think about it: How a lot of times have you talked about it with a person because the song came out? How many times have you listened to it when it came on the radio just to see how stupid it was?

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