Obesity In Children And Teens Is A Growing Epidemic

This is a trend that has been watched carefully by researchers and professionals since the 1980s. Kids, teenagers and pre-teens have been getting weightier steadily over those years and there are tremendous health implications of this. Over the last few decades a ton of research and many studies have been done about this subject. One thing is for sure, obesity that happens in the early years is a serious risk factor for terrible diseases later in life. The important thing for parents to understand is there is more to the story. Clinically obese and overweight kids are going to experience effects from their condition long before they mature into adulthood.

The type and severity of medical conditions that are experienced by young children and teens who suffer from obesity are highly varied. There are a lot of different influences, some of which might be genetic. Kids and teens who suffer from severe obesity are more likely to develop a variety of conditions that cause problems for joints and bones. Very often problems associated with the load-bearing joints will arise. The feet, ankles, knees and hips are particularly prone to skeletal stress. Kids will experience joint pain, often in the back, as well as a constant state of low-grades of swelling around the joints. Kids and teens are very commonly diagnosed with arthritis as well.

Some of the most serious risk factors developed are those involving the cardiovascular system. Severely obese children are known to have elevated serum cholesterol as well as general fatty blood profiles involving triglycerides. Because these heart diseases start early in life, they need to be intervened immediately. If you are a very young person then think about having to take medication to counter your high cholesterol. An adult has to accept the side effects if they want to start taking this medication.

When taking this medication it can be complicated for a young child or a teen.

When this is paired with the bullying and general social ostracizing they deal with at school and kids and teens who suffer from obesity are almost guaranteed to develop some sort of social dysfunction. Another term used is social disabilities, and there is the obvious high degree of extreme unhappiness, depression, etc. One natural result of all of this is super high stress levels which are known to be detrimental to both the brain and the body. Curiously this means that some kids will become bullies themselves. What is obviously happening here is that the bullying behavior is an outlet for the anger that they have been feeling building up from being picked on themselves.

Obviously once obese children have reached this point, they are already at intense physical and social disadvantages. We all know how difficult it can be to lose that kind of weight, and only the very determined can do it and only with support. Parents and friends need to offer as much support as they can. Children and young adults are very resilient and can usually bounce back once a more healthy direction is taken. Of course, this still depends on whether or not there are any severe medical problems present.

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