Obesity In Children And Teens Is A Growing Epidemic

Professionals and researchers have been watching the growing trend since the 1980s. Children, pre-teens and teens have been steadily gaining more weight, and the health implications are enormous. A plethora of research and study has been performed in the last twenty-plus years. One thing we know without a doubt is that obesity that happens during the younger years is a major risk factor in terrible health problems that happen in the later years. The most important thing parents need to realize is that there is quite a lot more to this particular story. Kids who are clinically obese and grossly overweight will experience these health effects a long time before they grow to be adults.

The variety of medical problems experienced by obese young people is big. There are many influences, some of which will be genetic in nature. Kids who are severely obese are more likely to develop issues that affect their bones and joints. Lots of the time, problems that are connected to the load bearing joints are the first to show up. Stress on the skeleton is particularly prevalent in the hips, knees, feet and ankles. Kids who deal with joint pain usually have back pain too as well as swelling around all of their joints. Arthritis in these children and teens is commonly diagnosed, as well.

Just about all obese people suffer from any of a number of psychological issues as well. When it seems like all of the kids in your class abuse you every day, that will cause serious stress, anxiety, low self esteem, poor to zero self confidence and maybe even hatred toward self or others. Those are all silent symptoms that obese children and teenagers endure and often without any help. When the situation goes on long enough and gets severe enough it could cause the victim to develop behaviors that border on or even are sociopathic. We haven’t found any significant data on how many obese high school kids go on to get a college education. We are willing to bet that the number isn’t that big and that there are a lot more obese high school students than there are obese college students. Would you really blame them, though, when they are probably envisioning four more years of abuse and torture?

There are a few reasons as to why the prospects do not seem very clear for an obese child. There is a long list of risks for health problems and diseases for an obese young child when they become an adult. Is there a way in which this condition can be reversed?

We know that obese teens are more likely to become very obese adults by 16 times more than a normal teen. That obviously does not bode well for those teens. The quality of the child as an adult is likely to be very poor because they start to develop these risk factors at an early age.

These children need to lose this weight so we think that it is a good idea for them to have an emergency plan of action. We know that for each of these children their situations are different. Although this situation has avoided being reversed, it is very serious.

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