Originality and Progress made by Scandinavian Airlines during the Twentieth Century

Scandinavian Airlines was formed shortly after the end of World War 2, by combining the efforts of several airlines and a private investor from Sweden. This alliance of like-minded aviation interests because they saw a clear need to meet the rising demand for international travel. With the end of the war the airways were once again safe for flying. Once the company was created, the flight operations in the European skies took place. The existing fleet assets and the infrastructure that was already available to them helped get it off the ground. What ensued over the years to come was a dedicated effort to provide quality service as well as taking advantage of new alliances.

Often represented by a flag or something similar, the airline might display where they are from. This is a very natural thing to do, especially if you have a great deal of respect for your country. Many airlines, including Scandinavian Airlines, make it part of their business practice to share with their partners. A strong spoke in the wheel, Norway is part owner in this major airline. Open shares and ownership also make it possible for this company to financially compete. Scandinavian Airlines is the primary airline that is based in Scandinavia. The airline owns a fleet of 198 aircraft and flies to almost 180 destinations around the world in 30 countries.

Most airlines around the world have done this. They sought ways to expand and capture as much market share as possible. Garnering the domestic flight routes within Scandinavia is what made them succeed. The airline accomplished that feat by simply gaining either partial or full control of the smaller airlines operating in their domestic areas. Air Canada and Continental Airlines are now part of the SAS.

Norway, though part of the company as a whole, is called SAS Braathens to make the distinction. There was an additional business, or division, of SAS that was called Scandinavian Airlines Norge. Changing Braathens to Norge in a previous title change led to SAS Norway in the end. This process really was not confusing despite all of the controversy. Despite its public appearance, SAS Norwegian operations maintains its current merger status. Norway, for instance, still utilizes Scandinavian Airlines Norge to handle flight operations that are domestic in nature. Norway is no different than the other two SAS partner countries in that Norge handles outgoing international flights. As far as airlines go, Scandinavian Airlines has proven itself top notch in the 21st century. This is mostly due to the smart business choices and partnership opportunities they have seized. As far as airlines go, SAS is an aggressive company with the will to survive throughout their history. However, they merge and otherwise form different kinds of partnerships whenever necessary. Over the last 60 plus years of big business and difficult storms SAS has survived on skill and innovation in the aviation field. Over the years there have been many figures who have proven instrumental in making SAS what it is today.

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