The Many Different Kinds of Celtic Jewelry

Few types of jewelry have been so popular for so long as that of the Celtic tradition. Going back to the ancient times, the symbols designed by the Celts were destined to be well liked by people all over the globe. Tattoos, borders on websites and of course jewelry can all feature Celtic designs. This article will explore some of the features of Celtic jewelry that have made it so treasured throughout the ages.

Many people now, as in years past, use Celtic wedding rings to display their enduring affection for one another. These rings, which can be found in gold and silver, as well as titanium, often display Celtic knotwork, and are usually set with diamonds or other precious stones. While people of Celtic ancestry often choose this type of wedding ring, some people just use them because they like this kind of design best. Celtic wedding rings aren’t hard to locate, and you can find them in your area or online. You may be able to find the ideal ring for your needs, or you may need to have one custom made, so you can get exactly what you want.

One unique characteristic of Celtic designs is how animal images are used. Known as zoomorphic images, these can portray a variety of animals, such as birds, serpents, bulls, lions and so forth. The images and Celtic mythology are related, which is something you should consider exploring if you’re interested in the tradition, or if you’re wanting to know more about the origins of the symbols. Human faces and the animals are sometimes mixed together. Examples of this style can be observed in lots of pieces of Celtic jewelry, and you can often see animal forms in Celtic knots. A torc or bracelet may have some sort of knotwork design that has animal faces at the ends, for example. This adds more of a mysterious quality to the Celtic jewelry.

You can browse and buy Celtic jewelry from many places these days. A simple online search will reveal thousands of choices, from sites specializing in this type of jewelry to huge retail or auction sites like Amazon and Ebay. Make sure you check the reputation of the seller before buying anything. You could go down the more traditional route, where you search for some authentic jewelry makers who are from Celtic countries. You will be able to take a look at the many genuine Celtic jewelry shops if you get the chance to go to a Celtic country. You’ll be able to find some Celtic inspired jewelry as well as various other items at a Renaissance fair, or a craft and jewelry show.

Celtic designs have a timeless appeal that have long inspired distinctive jewelry of all kinds. Whether you like to wear jewelry on your fingers, around your neck or dangling from your ears, you can find many Celtic inspired pieces. If you really want the best craftsmanship, seek out some traditional jewelers from Celtic lands, who can still be found if you look. Many people find that once they start looking at Celtic jewelry they want to start a whole collection of it.

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