What You Should Understand About Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has been getting press coverage for a very long time. In the US it has reached epidemic proportions but the press coverage has still had little effect on it.

We are not here to discuss how it happens or who is to blame as we all know what the causes are. In the later years of a child’s life they can have major health dangers or even have their life threatened if they are obese or overweight now. Physical and psychological areas are suffering in a noticeable percentage of this entire generation. It is hard enough to be a teen without having to endure being bullied about weight by others as well. In this day there are some things obese children have to face and we are going to look closer at these.

Every physical area of the human body is put under severe stress from being obese. If a child is obese then this can have severe dangers to their respiratory system, giving them obstructive sleep apnea. Problems can also occur in normal breathing as well if a child is obese.

Because of a weight condition, a child can develop asthma. A different term used is exercise intolerance and it is when something challenges your normal breathing process. You may have noticed that overweight people often have labored breathing. It is a natural response to the physical body basically working harder all the time. This merely sets the stage for increased stress on the entire cardiovascular system, as well.

Just about all obese people suffer from any of a number of psychological issues as well. When a child feels like he is under constant abuse from peers he is more likely to hate himself, not have any self confidence and have severe stress and anxiety issues. Those are all silent symptoms that obese children and teenagers endure and often without any help. If the situation gets severe enough and goes on long enough the child may even start to develop sociopathic behaviors. We have no data about the number of obese high school students who go on to attend college. Our guess is that there aren’t that many or that the number of obese high school students is much higher than the number of obese college students. Would that really be surprising since so many are probably worried about enduring even more years of torture and abuse?

For many reasons the prospects do not seem very promising for an obese child. When an obese child becomes an adult there is a long list of health problems and diseases that are at risk of. Can you reverse this obese condition?

Thanks to results we can see that obese teenagers are 16x more likely to become severely obese adults. For those teens, this is clearly not a good thing. As this starts to develop at an early age, they are looking at a very poor quality of living as an adult.

We think that it is right that obese children should have a plan of action so they can start to lose this weight. But we do know that these children are in many unique situations. This situation is very serious and it has so far avoided being reversed.

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