The Rules

The start

The v-dub game is generally played while in the car.

Exceptions to this are when in some other mode of transport, E.G in a lorry, train etc.

The game commences as soon as the engine is switched on, and if you don’t want to play, you say so when your seatbelt is on and before the engine is turned on.

Miss spots and fouls:

During the course of the v-dub game, some one may accidentally spot a v-dub that isn’t there. In the event of this, their score goes down to 0. if they are already on 0, then they are deducted the number of points they tried to claim. If you are driving down an empty road and some one claims a v-dub that isn’t there, assume they tried to claim a moving v-dub, deduct 3 points, then 1 for stupidity and 1 for cheating, making 5 points deducted in total.

If on a motorway, deduct 3 points.

If on a small road with lots of parked cars/ vans/ lorries, take 1 point off.

Usual v-dubs:

If you spot a v-dub, you score the corresponding number of points.

If you spot a parked v-dub every day of the week on the same road, then you get no points after the first week of spotting it. If it’s then gone for a week and then comes back again, you can spot it again.

V-dub scoring

The V-dub game is a precise art. If you love the game, it will love you back. It provides you with different scoring v-dubs. These are:

The campervan. This is one of the rarer ones and provides you with an extra point.

Moving: 4 points. Miss spot: -4 points from 0

Stationary: 2 points. Miss spot: -2 points from 0

The boring ol’ regular one. The most common.

Moving: 3 points. Miss spot: -3 points from 0

Stationary: 1 point. Miss spot: -1 point from 0

If you spot a convoy (more than 1 together) then you get the sum of the points scored multiplied by however many v-dubs are with each other (e.g. 2 moving regulars = 6. 6×2).

How to score a v-dub

To collect the points scored by a v-dub/s, you shout “V-DUB!”

If it’s a convoy you shout (e.g.) “4 V-DUBS!”

Winning the game

The winner is the one with the most points when the engine is switched off and you get out the car for more then 5 minutes.

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